Opulen Financial Planning Process


At Opulen Financial Solutions we believe it is important that you know what to expect when you come to see us. Our financial planning process ensures that we achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Step 1: Initial Consultation - Identify your Lifestyle Goals

At our first meeting, we take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your current situation and exactly what you are hoping to achieve both personally and financially.

We also provide you with an introduction to our business and our approach so you know what to expect if you decide to become a client of ours.

At the completion of this meeting you can decide whether you feel comfortable working with us.

Step 2: Strategy Development and Discussion

Once we’ve agreed and prioritised your goals and objectives we will use our extensive resources and modelling software to investigate and develop solutions which we believe are most appropriate for you. However, before we make any formal recommendations we prefer to involve you in the process by conducting a “Strategy Meeting” to consider the potential solutions and eliminate alternative strategies.

It’s also very important that we agree upon the scope of the advice that you would like us to provide.

This vital step ensures that any recommendations we make are not only appropriate for your personal circumstances and requirements but are constructed with your input to ensure you are comfortable with our advice.

Step 3: Statement of Advice & Implementation

After we have agreed on the strategies you wish to utilise we will provide you a written Statement of Advice. This document is your “financial roadmap” as it contains all the details of our recommended strategies together with supporting information and analysis.

We will present the Statement of Advice to you in detail and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions to ensure you understand our advice.

Once you are comfortable with, and have accepted our advice, we can take control of the implementation of your strategies on your behalf as it is important that the recommended strategies are put into action in a timely and efficient manner.

Step 4: Ongoing Progress Tracking & Review

Most importantly, the final step is for us to track your progress and to review your plan on a regular basis to ensure it remains relevant and adaptable to any changes which may come along. In this industry, we know one thing - change is constant! How do you ensure that your strategy is still appropriate given the changes that occur? The only way is via a thorough and systematic approach to planning.

We believe that good financial advice should be ongoing. We revisit your goals and your financial situation regularly and make any necessary adjustments to ensure you stay on track. We view your initial financial plan as the starting point in a long term, ongoing client and financial planner relationship to ultimately help you achieve your goals and objectives.